Thank you so much for your dedication to me and being there every step of the way to help me achieve a successful VBAC. You have no idea how truly amazing you are! You are an incredible person. – Rochelle K

Thank you for all your help and advice, and for being such a great, caring Doula during our beautiful birth experience! - Joanne F

Brian and I are so appreciative of your partnership, support, and knowledge leading up to and during our labor and delivery. You provided such a wonderful comfort and strength and we could not have gotten through the experience without you. – Samira K

Words cannot express how grateful we are for all that you did for us with the birth of our son. I am still amazed at what a great experience his birth was. You really made me feel so comfortable working with you from the first time we met. Your pain management techniques during labor were wonderful. Your really have a gift! I would recommend you to anyone that I know. I definitely look forward to working with you for my next pregnancy! - Cecilia G

Kathleen, you have an incredible talent for connecting with others and giving of yourself. Sean and I can honestly say that Will’s birth would not be such a happy memory if it were not for you! – Mary

Thank you so much for assisting with the births of both Brandon and now Alex. I never realized how beneficial a doula could be until I had Brandon. I wouldn’t think of not having one ever again. Your confidence, expertise, encouragement, and calming presence helped me beyond belief! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! - Jackie P

I’m not sure how to say thank you for what you have done, other then to tell you how meaningful it was to have you at the birth of our son. I really believe that I would not have been able to get through it without your support. - Amy F

Kathleen was amazing! In those last weeks/days of waiting, she was encouraging, calm and very sympathetic. During labor and birth, Kathleen fit right into things like a puzzle piece knowing just what to do, what to say, when to speak up and when to step back. Her confidence in me never waived and despite all the chaos of labor and birth, her presence allowed me to relax and focus on my body. As amazing as that was, what I remember most fondly was a phone call a few days after coming home from the hospital. I was really hit with baby blues, and was still processing everything that had happened in labor, and just being able to cry on the phone with Kathleen, and for her to say she understood, and I really knew she meant it - it was such a lifeline in a really beautiful but hard time. Dan and I swear, we will never have another baby without her! - Meg C

Though Britt was my primary doula, Kathleen ended up being our doula during our labor and delivery since we went four weeks earlier than our due date. Kathleen was a source of calming energy for both me and my husband. She supported and guided us through different ways to be as comfortable as possible. Not to mention her massage techniques that relieved pain and pressure when I needed it most! - Ann K

We absolutely loved Kathleen. My labor started a couple days before I gave birth and Kathleen was so great-- phone calls, texts all in the wee hours too-- very comforting (that's an understatement). Kathleen was wonderful -- even with our dog she was so great! Very relaxed and calming. I could not have gotten through the labor without her. And she even took photos after baby was born-- she hung around for a while after too! We absolutely love her! - Daniela B

Childbirth is something you cannot fully comprehend until you experience it firsthand. No words can express what it is like having a labor that lasted over 30 hours, with no medications or interventions. It was the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. Kathleen stayed by my side during the entire time. Her patience, calming words, and gentle touch are what helped me cope with the pain. During my pregnancy when I first mentioned the word "doula" to my hubby, he was not sure why I would need such a thing. After the birth of our baby girl, his words were, "thank God we had a doula!" - Amy P